STS Anticollision System

STS Anticollision System…not only!

We are really proud to present STS anticollision system, the rivolutionary system to improve safety in the logistics sector. 

TS is a platform that aims to improve safety in the logistics sector on material handling vehicles, from the warehouse to the construction site. STS allows the recognition of the driver, the location of a pedestrian or other moving vehicles near the forklift and the slowing down of the vehicles within specific areas, representing an excellent aid to the safety systems already adopted. It also allows you to record all events (of management, driving performance, danger, collision) turning them into alerts, which are easily accessible through mobile devices and Internet browsers.

STS is very simple and feature-rich. With STS it is possible to:

Control access to the vehicle, for example, to enable drivers by associating them with a specific vehicle in order to control the access to them (Tkeylock function)
Check the presence of pedestrians in the manoeuvring areas of the vehicles (Tsafe function)
Automate the slowing down of the vehicle in specific areas (Tslow function)
Automate the opening of unattended mechanical gates (Topen function)

Manage vehicle safety signs (such as red / blue lights, buzzers, sirens)

The use of SafeTSystem is simple and intuitive. The whole system is managed. through SafeTApp, the specific app created for Android® devices that enables you to::

✅Parameterize all devices and transmitters
Check logs
Check events

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